About us

Turbo-Upgrade.com is the dedicated branch of AVD Turbo Group for hybrid turbochargers projects. With experience since 2006 in the turbo remanufacturing bussines ,  AVD Turbo is developing the tuning area due the turbo applications who needs to develop higher presure and flow air .


The turbochargers are carefully modified by experienced personnel in the only authorized centre from Romania. in this workshop, among others are found two high speed balancing machines ( Turbotechnics ) ,  one bench flow and many others specials equipments.


In achieving turbochargers we use new original  parts, and / or parts tuning ranges of renowned manufacturers (Garrett, BorgWarner, Mitsubishi) 


Upgrade turbo boasts that over 60% of hybrid turbochargers that are used in drag national championship are modified by us, also other major projects completed for cars in Spain, France, Portugal etc.

Equipments that helps us build the custom turbochargers are :

 - High speed balancing machine (300,000 rpm) Turbo Technics VSR 300

 - High speed CHRA balancing machine (300,000 rpm) Turbo Technics VSR 301

 - Flow Bench - to adjust the variable geometry - Redat Flow Bench 2014

 - Gate Test - for setting electonic actuators and also vacumatic   - Redat Gate Test 12

Balancing machine for Custom Turbos





For more information on each of our projects please visit the news section of the video.