Audi Turbo GTB2265VK MFS Vacumatic

Audi Turbo GTB2265VK MFS Vacumatic
Audi Turbo GTB2265VK MFS Vacumatic

Price:   880,00 EUR (Excl. Tax)

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Technical details:

Audi 3.0 TDI Turbo vacuamtic adapted + MFS compressor wheel 65mm  ( 6+6 Blades or 11 Blades )   .


- New turbine wheel

- High flow compresor wheel (Billet) 

- New Actuator 

- Compresor housing modified to fit compresor wheel

- Balanced dynamic 165.000rpm 

Please Note:

Please note that our turbochargers are not designed to work on stock cars. For an proper results  a custom re-map will be required immediately after fitting, this is not an upgrade that can be used without alterations to the ECU

For any questions do not hesitate to contact us.

Also we do not guarantee the output power. We guarantee that turbo is able to make enough pressure and debit to obtain that power . Please advice your tuner regarding this aspect.



New Turbos:

Please note that all turbocharger from  category "NEW TURBOS" is brand new & unused.


All Genuine and OEM Parts carry a minimum of 1 Year Warranty (2 Years in some cases) when fitted in a standard car. With most manufacturers, any performance enhancing modifications will void the warranty on those parts.
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In all warranty cases, the manufacturer and Avd Turbo  are not liable for any labour cost claims.

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Warranty Exclusions,

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Damage or defects caused by not having the vehicle serviced in accordance with the manufacturer's / AVD Turbo recommendations.
Damage or defects caused by improper use of the vehicle, neglect, or use of the vehicle for motorsport activities.
Accident damage.