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Replace turbo journal bearing whit ball bearing ?

Replace journal bearing whit ball bearing ?


Sorry for that question but the answer is NO.

Why not ? Lets see .


4 angle pictures whit journal from GTB2260VK  and ball from GTB2260VKLR  :


gtb2260vk journal bearing :

gtb2260vklr ballbearing  : 


so the answers are very simple :

1. Dimensions are diferent

2. Lubrification is diferent

3. Jornal  has 4 holes for oil in up and 4 holes down , ball has zero.

Plese observe the pictures whit the oil direction on bearing housing :

4. journal has two oil outs , ball has only one.


Also the turbine shaft is diferent from VK to VKLR , but this we will discus in other article.

So if you want to replace your journal bearing turbo whit ballbearing , you have to replace the entire core assy , beacause you have no way for replaceing just the journal bearing .